Traditions of Belarusian brewing since 1864

Each drop of "Alivaria" beer is created here - at the brewery made of red brick, built in the XIX century. The newest equipment is located in a building that still remembers Carol Jan Czapski. Here in the heart of Belarusian brewing traditions enrich modernity - that's what makes Olivaria special.


Rohlya Frumkinova is building a wooden brewery that produces three beer sorts - "Bavarian", "Stolovoye" and "Plzeskoye"


Karol Jan Czapski improves the production process and build the brick brewery. On Mayor's post he turns Minsk into the European capital.


The Lekert brothers organized work at the brewery with German pedantry. They used to sell ​​beer in Bialystok, Vilna, Brest, Grodno, Bobruisk

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Brewery was nationalized and renamed to "Belarus". 200 employees produced 120 thousand HL of beer per year.


The beer production hadn`t stopped during the war even. The brewery had been marked with an orange circle on the maps - any bomb fell here


A Joint Stock Company Olivaria Brewery is set up. The modernization of production begins and the quality is growing rapidly

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International company Carlsberg Group becomes a strategic investor of Olivaria. Today the Carlsberg Group is the third largest brewing group in the world, represented in 150 countries


Olivaria brewery is number 1 on the Belarus beer market, and the brand Alivaria is the most popular in the country. The only thing that has never changed is the place where beer has been brewed for 150 years, and special people who work here. Our beer is still created with the same enthusiasm and love for this delicious drink