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Brewery tour with tasting

About the tour:

Alivaria corporate museum organises guided tours around the brewery for 4 and more participants. To do that you need to send a request to [email protected] specifying preferred date and time. That can be possible on days from Tuesday to Saturday. We kindly ask you to inform us about your request at least one day before the planned date, because otherwise there won't be enough time to get permission for your access to the breweries territory (it's an operating brewery, you know!)

If you are less then 4, we would recommend you to try looking for locals, who might like to join you on social networks or web-pages like couch surfing, trip advisor, meetnGreetme etc. There you can also try to look for a russian speaker, who would  be able to go with you on Russian speaking excursion and would probably be able to translate it.

Why is it worth all those actions? Because it's a tour around the oldest operating Brewery in Belarus, where you'll learn interesting facts about beer brewing and minsk history and will also learn how to taste beer like a professional beer taster. Not exceeding the standards of alcohol consumption per person per day though -2 sorts of beer 0,3l each - just enough to practice the tasting skills. And it all will take 1,5 to 2 hours and will cost you 14 roubles per person ( approximately 7 euro). If that is not convincing enough for you, check out our trip advisor reviews ( and certificate of excellence, and top 5 in museums and tours in Minsk)

If in the end you didn't manage to collect full party, we are inviting you to visit our exchibition hall each saturday at 14.00 (the doors are closed at 14.10, so you'd better come bit earlier). You can enter it for 9 roubles (4,5 Euro, approximately) per person, check it out, watch video about the museum, try out the wheel of flavours and, of course, get to try two sorts of Alivaria beer (0,3 l each), and explanation of the right way to taste it.

The brewery has never stopped working since its foundation. Time and owners (with Count Czapski being one of them) changed but beer was always brewed here.

153 years of history, 21 days of brewing, 2 beers 0,3l each = 1,4 hour tour for minimum of 4 participants for 14 roubles per person Obligatory pre-booking

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